Cash & Valuables In Transit

Cash & Valuables In Transit (CVIT) is the transportation of cash or valuables from one location to another. Cash In Transit operatives are subject to the highest standards of training and security and all BDI staff hold an SIA/CVIT license. BDI Securities offer a range of services that suit the individual needs of small, medium and large companies.

Once cash has been collected, it is placed into a safe on the security vehicle and transported to the nearest BDI Securities branch. Cash is then transported overnight to the bank of choice and banked the next working day.

If Cash In Transit is combined with our Cash Management Service, the need for cash to be walked to a bank is removed, as is the time spent waiting for it to be counted and processed. Using both of these services not only saves our customers valuable time, it may also reduce bank charges for this over-the-counter service. Additionally, having BDI Securities collect directly from customers’ premises considerably reduces all potential risk to our customers, their staff and the general public.

BDI Securities offers tailored cash collection and delivery services to meet the specific needs of its customers. Physical collection and delivery services are managed by our team of trained security officers and is supported by the very latest security technology.

BSIA Member, approved carrier

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation

BDI Securities (UK) LTD is an SIA approved contractor for the provision of CVIT services

Real time vehicle tracking & monitoring

BDI Securities’ Cash and Valuables in Transit services considerably reduces all risks associated with the transport of cash to and from customers’ premises.

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