Cash Management

Cash Management is the validation and counting of cash. BDI Securities operate Cash Management Centres across the UK where bank notes and coin collected from our customers are validated and counted. Comprehensive reports detailing all stages of processed cash are provided. By managing not only security but also the cash cycle, BDI Securities can help customers manage their cash more efficiently, protect their assets and reduce costs.

With BDI Securities’ cash management systems, the process of counting and verifying deposits ensures prompt and efficient bank account crediting. Our Cash Management Centres operate fully integrated IT systems providing total security, full tracking throughout the process and the detection and/or reporting of forgeries. All monies are counted and validated by our trained and BSIA vetted staff providing one process for both small and large credits. Consolidated cash is provided to your bank via a Bulk Till or transported to your bank directly.

BDI Securities offers tailored cash collection and delivery services to meet the specific needs of its customers. Cash delivery can be provided either as a stand-alone service or combined with cash collections

Our collection and delivery service is professionally managed by our dedicated team of trained security officers and is supported by the very latest security technology, eliminating risk exposure for our customers, their staff and the general public.

BDI Securities offer a choice of local and central banking options so customers are not restricted to working with any specific bank branch.

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